Our Purpose

M.C. Firearms exists to serve the American people with affordable quality firearm accessories and resources in order to enhance the quality of personal firearm collections and ultimately secure freedom in America. 

We believe that empowering the American people with quality affordable firearm accessories and the resources needed to customize and manufacture their personal fireams is "THE" bullet proof system to secure our freedom from tyrannic terrorism both foreign and domestic.

This nation started out on a foundation of LIBERTY, and it's our desire to be a catalyst company that not only sustains that foundation, but also strengthens and builds upon it. 

It's our "American Dream" to see this nation reach it's full potential, and we invite YOU to be a part of that dream!

Since the beginning this has been America's intended design for her constituents, and in order to see that it stays that way Midwest Custom Firearms has been established.

Life, LIBERTY, and The Pursuit of Happiness...